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Private villa wedding planners in Malaga near Marbella Andalucia Spain

Private villa wedding specialists Andalucia Weddings in Malaga near Marbella Costa del Sol Spain


Villa Weddings

Hosting your wedding at a Luxury Villa in Andalucia can be an attractive alternative to a large Hotel Venue, as the flexibility and privacy a Villa can provide is obvious, depending of course on the size of your wedding. At AW Weddings & Events we have amassed a wonderful small collection of Luxury Villas with Pools that are ideal Wedding Venues in Spain for smaller Events.

Villas are generally rented in three different formats, although it is worth mentioning that not all formats are applicable to all villas. Some are rented on a weekly basis (usually Saturday to Saturday depending on the season), others for a minimum number of nights (3 nights being the norm), again depending on the season, and a few can be rented just for the Wedding Day (albeit without accommodation). 

In most instances, the Wedding Ceremony itself (a Religious or Non-Religious Blessing) can be held in the gardens of the Villa, as can the entire proceedings of your Event – weather permitting, although in July and August, sunshine is almost guaranteed on the Costa del Sol. With a Private Villa booking, AW Catering can assist with Professional Catering Services not only for a sensational wedding meal, but also with Private Catering for the entire duration of your rental. Be it an informal welcome dinner for you and your guests the evening prior to your big day and/or an informal "farewell" brunch or meal the day afterwards, or simply a Private Chef at your disposal for the duration or your stay, we have all aspects covered.

There is, however, much to consider with respect to a Villa Wedding, and as we have made our reputation on being honest, it is important for us to point out the many factors that are involved in this option. Contrary to popular belief, Villa Weddings can come with a hefty price tag, and not only when considering Luxury Private Villas in Spain. Many couples think they can save money by having a Villa Wedding, but the cost does add up for bringing in outside caterers, wait staff, cleaning staff, furniture hire, marquee hire (if interior space of the Villa is insufficient for the number of guests, as a "Plan B" is always imperative for any event in the case of rain), portable loos (depending on guest numbers and the size of the villa), possibly a generator to ensure sufficient electricity supply for caterers, decorative lighting, band and/or DJ, etc. Furthermore, the vast majority of villas are situated in residential areas or within proximity of neighbours, and thus noise-restrictions will be in place, with a cut-off time of midnight for loud/live music; or for inland/rural Villas, one must also consider access catering and furniture-hire trucks, as well as for small coaches (for guest transport). The alternative to a Villa Wedding would be a small Hotel Venue that can be booked in exclusivity and is already set up for weddings with in-house catering, furniture, adequate electricity supply, etc. 

All this said, a Villa Wedding can be a superb option for some, and working closely with AW Catering, AW Styling & Design and AW Floral we look forward to creating an unforgettable Wedding Event for you and your guests.

If you would like to discuss possibilities of a Villa Wedding in Andalucia then please contact us via the contact page or send us an email on: